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The ultimate practical guide to becoming successful at mobile marketing and growing your app.

Mobile Marketing Masterclass

Grow your app faster than your competition with this comprehensive practical guide.

Mobera Academy’s mobile marketing masterclass is your ultimate practical guide to becoming successful at mobile marketing and growing your app.

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Introduction to Mobile Marketing

By the end of our mobile app marketing course, you will be able to manage your mobile app growth marketing activities with measurable KPIs effectively.

Create a Comprehensive Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Learn how to piece everything together, from acquisition to retention and loyalty and everything in between.

Implement Effective Acquisition Campaigns

We teach you how to maximize returns from your acquisition campaigns on paid and organic.

Optimize and Automate Your Conversion & Retention

Retention is at the core of your app growth. Learn how the most successful brands convert and retain their users.

This masterclass includes the principles and tactics developed by the world's most successful brands.

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Our trainers have worked with top brands in the MENA region

Companies Mobera works with - Farfetch
Companies Mobera works with - Beam
Companies Mobera works with - OLX
Companies Mobera works with - storytel
Companies Mobera works with - Dubizzle

Real Stories From Real Students

Get inspired by these stories.

"I have just completed one of the most comprehensive, insightful and practical training programs about Mobile Marketing . As far as I know, this is probably the only mobile marketing training program in this region, and I have to say it was totally worth the investment of time and cost. The trainers are all practitioners, and they cover all areas of mobile marketing from A to Z."
Namear Darweesh - Mobera Academy testimonial
Namear Darweesh
Head of Product
“Tarek is a great digital marketing expert that knows how to use his knowledge in practice and also share it with others. I feel extremely lucky that i had an opportunity to take a digital marketing training from Tarek. The knowledge Tarek shared with me during the training, helps me everyday at work and during client meetings”
Mansura Aslanova - Mobera Academy testimonial
Mansura Aslanova
Digital Sales Manager
"This was one of the smartest investments I made for both my professional and personal growth. As a trainer, Tarek is super thorough, methodical, knowledgeable and gave me enough time to put things in practice. On top of that, the material we covered was actually fun!"
Katarina Mladenović - Mobera Academy testimonial
Katarina Mladenović

Tools Covered in This Masterclass

We practically walk you through each of the following platforms.

Tools covered - Twitter
Tools covered - Apple
Tools covered - Google Ads
Tools covered - Firebase
Tools covered - App Annie