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"The game in digital has drastically changed. Tarek knows how to make things happen and he leads by his ownership and positive attitude to take on and on and on .. I would work him endlessly. Not many have such traits, only winners do, and Tarek is ONE."

Abdullah Alghadouni


“I've had the pleasure to work with Tarek on the speaking circuit, in planning local search campaigns and strategising together on multi-location enterprise marketing campaigns. I've always found him to be astute, knowledgable, and on the leading edge. If you are considering working with Tarek or Blue Pencil, I offer my concrete endorsement.”

James Reynolds


"This was one of the smartest investments I made for both my professional and personal growth. As a trainer, Tarek is super thorough, methodical, knowledgeable and gave me enough time to put things in practice. On top of that, the material we covered was actually fun!"

Katarina Mladenović


“Tarek is a great digital marketing expert, that knows how to use his knowledge in practice, and also share it with others. I feel extremely lucky that i had an opportunity to take a digital marketing training from Tarek when i started working at bfound. The knowledge Tarek shared with me during the training, helps me everyday at work and during client meetings, to answer all the questions and objections that comes on the way.”

Mansura Aslanova


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“Tarek is not only excellent at what he does in digital marketing, he is an excellent coach and can teach and mentor teams to develop the right skill set needed to succeed in this field. He’s a wonderful human being and absolutely lovely to work with.”

Ann Boothello


“Tarek is a fantastic example of the new breed of digital marketing talent that is transforming the done and dusted marketing departments within organizations. He has a good combination of both the art & science of marketing, is a great person to work with and a true multi-talented person.”

Arto Joensuu


“If you want someone that understands digital platforms by heart and can dig deep into data to come up with amazing insights, this is the right guy. Tarek masters all digital platforms (AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile).

Mostafa Othman


“Tarek is super knowledgeable in his domain which spreads across the entire digital marketing space. He utilizes the platform economy as a true native. He is a growth hacker. Tarek is socially intelligent, loyal and humble.”

Fredrik Schauman


“Tarek's talent lies in his ability to contribute and build to a rock solid digital strategy that moves the needle consistently. He overachieves his targets, not only does he set high standards for himself but his work ethic is incredibly rare in the digital environment.”

Mohammed Mamdouh


“Tarek is a real Paid Search master with a perfect understanding on how to get the most from search engines, plus having the knowledge to combine it with different paid advertising channels like Display and Facebook.”

Joseba Umbelina


“Tarek is a true master of digital marketing. Innovative, resourceful, and the king of thinking outside of the box. There is never a reason to settle for the rest when you can have the best!”

Rob Gainley


“His digital awareness was crucial for our company's growth by leading our CRM implementation and always improving the organization workflow. The knowledge I got from Tarek during our work together, made me a better professional and more aware of marketing and business, and I will be forever grateful for it.”

Rodrigo Franco


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